The Donnbrae Donkeys



Flaxton Green Jaxson Brown


Purchased as a weanling in 2011 from the Flaxton Green stud in Rangiora.  A very well bred English donkey with an impressive pedigree.  Jaxson has a good solid build with good bone and excellent movement.  Jaxson also has a lovely docile temperament.  He is a pleasure to show in the ring with his good manners.

Sire - Berrabri Wolfendon

Dam - Flaxton Green Shayla

Fernlea Lollipop


Purchased as a weanling in 2005.  Orginally purchased with her paddock mate Snow Man as a pet for our children.  Lollipop has attended many shows and brought home her share of ribbons including Champion and Reserve Champion.  Is a very good Mother and raises lovely foals.  Can be a little stubborn at times and has been known to refuse to enter the show ring just because she can.  She was one a very small number of donkeys that got to do film work for Disney in NZ.

Sire - Ben Benger Buie

Dam - Fernlea Lucy

Fernlea Tui

Purchased as a weanling in 2012.  Tui is the first purebred foal from 17 year old Murrayfield Betta-By-Far.  She is a very well bred English donkey with an impressive bloodline.  Tui has inherited her sires colouring and markings and also his lovely temperament. Tui loves attention and is known to push other donkeys away so she gets all the pats.  Tui is our alpha jenny and keeps everyone in their place including Jaxson.  A fantastic breeding jenny and a very good Mother.  Tui is best mates with Eva.  

Sire - Murrayfield Betta-By-Far

Dam- Fernlea Tamara


Donnbrae Eva

Lollipop's first foal.  Born on Christmas Eve morning 2011 hence her name. Eva is a cheeky jenny, always in trouble and creating mischief.  A challenging donkey to show in the ring with her full on personality.  The more attention she gets the more she performs.  Tui's best mate.

Sire - Prince Billy of Fernlea

Dam - Fernlea Lollipop

Donnbrae Chantilly Lace

Lacey is our second foal born in February 2015 and is a Section A registered English jenny.  Her stunning pedigree goes back over five generations.  Lacey has had a few outings at A & P shows and enjoys the attention she gets from the public.  She especially loves being petted by many children.  Lacey is being retained by our stud for breeding purposes.  She is best buddies with Fernlea Miss Maisie.  

Sire - Flaxton Green Jaxson Brown

Dam - Fernlea Tui

Fernlea Miss Maisie


Purchased as a yearling in early 2016.  We are delighted to have her with us as she is the last of the purebred foals from Betta-By-Far.  A full sister to Mamma Mia she leaves foals with good temperament and conformation.  Attractive broken coloured foals have been a bonus from Missy and are very sought after.  Missy and Lacey are best buddies and often found racing around the paddock together.

Sire - Murrayfield Betta-By-Far

Dam - Fernlea Miss Muffin

Fernlea Mamma Mia

Purchased as a weanling in 2014.  Mia is a half sister to Tui and full sister to Miss Maisie.  We had been hopeful that Mia would be in our show team however she was badly injured and that ended her showing opportunities.  Mia has a lovely temperament and is very obliging to handle.  She has had a number of foals to date of which the majority have been pitch black in colouring.   These foals have been snapped up quickly by keen buyers.  

Sire - Murrayfield Betta-By-Far

Dam - Fernlea Miss Muffin

Snow Man

Purchased from the Fernlea Stud in 2005.  Our totally huggable loveable gelding.  Loves children.  Snow Man worked as a therapy donkey for our local Riding for the Disabled, attended many Santa parades, been to church, done fundraising for favourite charities by giving donkey rides and also done promotional work. Currently in training for harness work. Best mates with Lollipop.  His party trick is to sneak up behind you and give a nudge with his nose to let you know he requires attention and food.  Won the Donkey & Mule Society South Island Publicity Cup 2014 for promoting and raising the profile of donkeys to the general public.