Donnbrae Stud 

We currently have no donkeys available.  


Enquires welcome


Donnbrae Stud 

For Sale:

Donnbrae Velvet Vixen - 3 year old registered & microchipped Section A English brown jenny.  Velvet is a very friendly jenny with good manners.  


Donnbrae Electra - 3 year old registered & microchipped Section B English brown roan jenny.  Electra has 68% english bloodlines.  A very docile jenny with good manners.  

Please contact us for more information about Velvet or Electra

Information on what to look for when purchasing a donkey in New Zealand is available here.

Wiltshire Horn Sheep 

We are taking orders for ewe and ram lambs born in spring 2020.  

Our ram is from Mangapiri Downs Organic Stud.

For Sale:  Six Wiltshire ewe lambs.   contact us


More about Wiltshire Horn sheep